Woking Speakers Club


Before the Meeting

Contact the Toastmaster in advance to say you can attend the evening.

If you have time, sit at the back with the timekeeper the week before to learn how it’s done.

Bring a pen and paper on the night for notes.

At the Meeting

Arrive early and ensure that the lights, stop clock and hooter are in place on the back table.

Check that the lights are plugged in (socket is on the left wall as you look at the back of the room.

Try out the lights; you leave them switched on as you move through the colors.

The Toastmaster will hand to you to explain the role. You are there to keep everyone to time. Everyone in Toastmasters has a time limit which is listed on the agenda. You will turn on the green light when they hit the minimum time, the amber light half way between that and the maximum time and the red light when they hit the maximum time. The red light will stay on until they finish.

In the Warm up, if they speak for over 15 seconds, hoot the hooter to keep them to time.

For voting, the minimum time is 30 seconds less than minimum time and the maximum time is 30 seconds more than the maximum time, so for a 5-7 minute speech, they can be voted on so long as they speak between 4.30 and 7.30.

When asked to provide a timekeeper’s report just state the exact times of each performance in minutes and seconds.

For the topics, ensure you list the name and title of each topic as well as the time.

Other Roles

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