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Join us!

You are very welcome to continue to attend Woking Speakers as guest for as long as you wish. As a guest, you can take part in the Table Topics section of the meeting if you wish.
If you would like to take the plunge and perform a speech or a role, however, you will need to join. As a member of Woking Speakers, you also the opportunity to represent the club in the various speaking contests that Toastmasters arranges each year.

Here is what you need:

A Toastmasters application form. These are also available from the Vice President Membership, the Treasurer or any other committee member.


  • £12 joining fee
  • £9 per month for the remainder of the current subs period.

Subs are due in March and September each year and we all renew our membership each time. This means that in your first full subs period, you will be charged £54 (for six months) or £108 (for a year).

For example, if you join Woking Speakers on 1st January, the minimum you would have to pay would be the £12 joining fee plus £27 (£9 for January, February and March). You would then be asked to pay £54 for the next six months (April-September - 6 months) or £108 (April-March - the whole year).

How to Pay

We accept cheques made out to “Woking Speakers Club”, cash or bank transfer (please contact us for more details). Unfortunately, we cannot accept payments by credit card at this time.

Completed forms and cheques should be handed to our Vice President Membership at a club meeting or, if you are unable to attend, please contact our VPM via email who will advise you where the paperwork should be sent.