Woking Speakers Club


Before the Meeting

Contact the speaker you are evaluating before the meeting.

Discover what speech they are doing, their title and what they would like you to focus on.

At the Meeting

Arrive early to the meeting.

Focus on the speaker when they perform.

Use one of the evaluation methods explained in the Toastmasters Evaluation handbook or discovered from the web – sandwich is the most common using the format of Commend, Recommend, Commend.

Focus on the good things about the speech and one or maybe two things which if done would make the most difference to the speaker’s performance.

Give specific advice – This could be done better and this is *how*.

Remember, you have 3 minutes to give your evaluation, you don’t have to make all of your suggestions to the whole club.

When performing the evaluation, it is good practice to start by thanking the speaker and then telling the audience what that person did. This stops the evaluation from being performed only to the speaker and involves the whole audience.

Talk to your speaker in the break to explain in more detail what you have fed back. You can use this time to mention more sensitive or complicated suggestions.

Write up your evaluation in the speaker’s manual

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